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During my senior year of high school, I began to develop severe cystic acne and facial redness. After seeing a variety of dermatologists, I was prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics, facial creams, and laser treatments. Not only did my facial acne worsen, over the course of two additional years, I began to develop other health symptoms: Chronic infections, tooth enamel decay, fatigue, irritability, depression, intestinal inflammation, hair thinning, among many others. After visiting a total of 7 different medical doctors, not one was able to help me. 
Miraculously, a friend of mine mentioned Dr. Ferro and his practice. Truthfully, my life changed after seeing him. For the first time, I actually felt like someone cared about my situation, and was willing to fully investigate it until my health related issues were resolved. Dr. Ferro was my answer to many years of prayer. Through a variety of labs and tests, Dr. Ferro discovered I had intestinal inflammation, gut dysbiosis, multiple micronutrient deficiencies, severe intolerances/sensitivities to many foods (including gluten, dairy, and eggs), imbalances in methylation, among others. Today, my health is easily 90% better. 
Influenced by Dr. Ferro and his faithful work, I am pursuing a route in functional medicine. My goal is simply to help and educate others in their search for health related answers, exactly like Dr. Ferro does. 
Through the grace of God, Dr. Ferro has completely changed my life for the better, and I know he will change yours too. 
Stephen M


Dr. Ferro,

After a friend told me how you helped him reverse his cardiovascular health, I encouraged my wife to see you for her complicated body chemistry. Once you helped her find answers and make improvements, I also asked for your help.

When I first came to you, I was outwardly healthy and active with respectable medical stats, yet struggled with headaches, a hungover type feeling in the morning, chronic swollen lymph nodes in my neck, a common tendency to choke on food, mild developing arthritis, and a concern with memory loss. After extensive blood work and your expert, thoughtful evaluation, we addressed some deficiencies in my body that we contributing to many of these problems. You studied my symptoms and complaints to discover underlying needs and recommended natural solutions to improve my health. Any of these early symptoms could have been a marker for more serious future problems, but now I feel much better and grateful for your expertise.

Thank you for helping me with my health now and beyond,



Dear Dr. Ferro,

I am so appreciative of your care and skill. You are so knowledgable and dedicated. You have had such a tremendous impact on our family. Thank you for all you do.

Tania, Walter, and Sophia


Hi Dr. Ferro,

Although you and I met before Halloween one year ago, it was on this date exactly one year ago that I left your office with a box full of supplements (Happy Halloween to me!), the beginning of a protocol that lead me and my body back to health. Thank you for your commitment to health- one that is both admirable and unmatched. Whether it's a lab test, a brand/maker of supplements, and/or a referral to another doctor, your years of research and ability to parse out the best of each of these represents a level of dedication that I not only respect and admire, but from which I have greatly benefitted.

Today, I will toast to you as I think back to where my life , health wise, one year ago... What a difference a year makes...

Thank you!

Mary Beth


I started out with lack of energy, gastro distress, difficulty waking up in the morning, dry skin in places, oily in others, and weight gain. 45 years of allergies, took antihistamines and decongestants all my adult life. In the past month, I have not had to take any- and this is supposed to be a bad season! Even during the first month of my treatment I only took two antihistamines. After two months, I can sleep through the night without post nasal drip. I now wake up refreshed. I wish I had tried this approach before; but I'm grateful that this life style is as effective as it is and would recommend to anyone.



Dear Dr. Ferro

I'm not even sure where to begin this letter. You have contributed more than you know to my life. I am now a freshman at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. I have my health, both mentally and physically, and owe a big part of the journey here to you. Over the past three years, you have given me hope when I wasn't sure it existed. I can't ever thank you enough for all you have done. I came to you unhealthy and overwhelmed, and somehow you picked up the pieces and taught me how to live again. I'm involved in so many activities this year and love school. I can remember a time when I was too tired to enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you for your continued efforts, time, and patience. You have been my knight in shining armor. You are truly an amazing person, and I am proud to be one of your patients. I still struggle at times with my supplements and diet, but overall I am a different person. Each day is another step along the road to healthy living. I hope you will continue to support me in the many years to come. I can't ever possibly express my gratitude for all your help. So please take my words and know they can never truly say what I feel




Dr. Ferro

When we met the first time I was happily surprised to see that you had clearly read over my history and that you were prepared for our conversation and inquisitive during the entire appointment. Your approach is refreshing as you look at the issues people are having holistically. You suggested tests for me to consider and you were sensitive to budget and sequencing of the tests as to not go too far too fast or unnecessarily. I enjoyed the materials you have me to read and the instructions and plans we determined for me was clear and easy to follow. Since I live in Center City, I also appreciate that you are readily available by phone and email instead of a visit in person. In all, I would be happy to recommend you.




I experienced horrible menstrual cramps where I would be practically immobile one to two days when I had my period. My cycle was also irregular. I had to take the birth control pill to regulate my cycle and alleviate the pain. Now, I have stopped the birth control pill. I use a progonel cream and adjusted my diet. I now am ovulating regularly and experience very little pain, if any. I take one Fem Soothe pill on the first day of my period if needed for mild pain.

Thank you!


In May 2007, my three year old daughter tested negative for Lyme's disease but was given antibiotics "just in case". She had been struggling for at least 6 months with dizziness, fatigue, stomach aches, headaches, and muscle aches, we could not find the source. After the recommended length of treatment she was still not feeling better. I asked my family doctor what to do next. They recommended a pediatric neurologist  who, in turn, recommended a spinal tap as her next form of evaluation. My daughter has already been through so much testing, and the MRI really put both of us over the top. I gave it a few months to see if her symptoms improved. They did not. I really wanted the spinal tap to be the last resort. I could not imagine such a little thing having to go through that. I began giving her probiotics on my own and "cat's claw", a natural herb that is supposed to help with symptoms of Lyme's Disease. Nothing seemed to help. In November 2007, we changed insurance plans and no one would pick Lauren up because of her history. In April of 2008 we finally were accepted into a state funded insurance plan for her. So in those months we just took a "break" from tests. However, her symptoms did not improve. I had wanted to try something "natural" before I scheduled the spinal tap. A friend recommended Dr. Ferro in the spring, he recommended some blood work and stool sample testing. We reviewed tests and it was amazing what we found! She was still struggling with tick bite issues that were never completely addressed. She had a virus, she was gluten intolerant, her iron levels were high, her magnesium levels were low. His comment to us  was, "no wonder she is not feeling well, but I think I can help". What a rush of reassurance that was. We needed help. Dr. Ferro recommended removing gluten from her diet, watching her iron intake, increasing her magnesium intake, and some other natural medicines to put in her diet. He said by the end of the summer she should be feeling better. We noticed an almost immediate difference in my daughter! She had her energy back, her muscle aches were almost nonexistent, her headaches were gone, her stomach aches were gone, her dizziness level was gone! And NO SPINAL TAP!! We are still taking medicine to get her levels back to a more normal reading, but they have improved tremendously. I have recommended Dr. Ferro to friends. I am so glad I made the phone call to him. My now five year old in October 2008 is feeling much better. Praise God!


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