Parasite Testimonials

Hello Dr. Ferro,

Since I was treated for the hook worm the chronic cough has dissipated. Thank the Lord. I still can't believe that was what the problem was. Since I felt a lot healthier and happier, I was able to move on with my life. I am 10 weeks pregnant and feeling well. I was waiting to get better before we made that next step in our lives.

I am so thankful that you helped me solve my problem. I was so depressed and sick for 3-4 years and I can't believe it's solved.

Thanks again!

A Very Grateful Patient- Jamie

This patient was sick 3-4 years with a terrible chronic cough that defied diagnosis with ENT, CT scans, Multiple x-rays, smears, cultures, and psychological counseling!! (as she was told it was a "psychogenic cough"). The diagnosis of Hookworm infection was made through a specialized testing utilizing DNA stool probes via Metametrix Labs. Appropriate anti-hemilith medication was procured and the results were remarkable!! It turns out, that the life cycle of the hookworm has a "stop" in the lungs and that was causing her chronic cough.


After I came back from a missions trip to Panama I was very sick with an upset stomach, light headedness and dizziness, accompanied by chronic fatigue. We visited many doctors who were unable to diagnose my symptoms. I had blood taken numerous times, I had an MRI, as well as an open endoscopy. No one could find or diagnose my symptoms. We heard about Dr. Ferro through some friends and came here as a last resort. After one visit I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion and we discovered that I had parasites from my missions trip. It had completely depleted my immune system because I was sensitive to several foods that we were unaware of. I was treated with several natural medicines, and I was introduced to a new diet to build my immune system back up. After treatment, the parasites were gone and I felt 100% better. God has worked in many miraculous ways and I am so thankful for Dr. Ferro's faith.


Dear Dr. Ferro,

I am writing you this letter because I should like to say how pleased I am with the results obtained so far from your treatment through the method known as kinesiology. In addition, I wish to mention how much better I am feeling through taking the homeopathic and herbal remedies prescribed by you. Through your "examination" on the machine that traced the meridian of my body, you were able to tell me that I had: 1. the Herpes virus; 2. a pesticide; 3. the diphtheria vaccination, and 4. a number of gallstones.

My first consultation with you was on March 6th of this year; and in less than two months, the vaccination against contacting diphtheria (that was given to me as a child over 50 years ago) had been expelled from my body! As you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised and greatly relieved to hear this good news.

One of the world's most famous Prima Donnas-- Miss Shirley Verrett-- is to be given the credit for my having come to you as a patient. After thrilling the audience at the Metropolitan Opera House in "Samson and Delila", Miss Verrett very kindly said "yes" to my name being added to the list of her admirers and, when my turn came to meet her, she invited me into her dressing room so that I could discuss my "problems" with her.

After being re-checked on June 19th, you gave me some very good news-- the pesticide was out of my body!

With time, please God, I look forward to hearing that the Herpes virus and gallstones have also been eliminated. 

Thank you Dr. Ferro



Dear Dr. Ferro,

My letter is to say how delighted I was to learn las Friday, July 12th, that the roundworms were out of my body.

I am very much aware of the fact that there is a limited number of doctors in this country who test their patients on the Eclosion System, or a similar machine, programmed to trace the meridians of the human body. Therefore, I am grateful to you for 1. having studied one or more such machines, 2. your vase knowledge in the area of what remedies are to be prescribed for assisting the human body to heal itself, and 3. the additional knowledge you mastered when it came to what diet a patient had to follow.

My firs consultation with you was on March 6th of last year. A year and four months late, after diligently following your programs and diet, I have rid my body if the Herpes virus, a pesticide, the diphtheria vaccination, and finally the roundworms.

Now that I have expelled the roundworms, I feel confident that my body will begin to heal itself, resulting in much more energy getting through the cellular level.

Thank you for your dedication in helping so many people attain good health.




When I started treatment under your care (June last year) I had no idea of the damage caused by the parasite in my intestines. My body was able to process, absorb and detoxify the food I ate. My symptoms included intense headaches, loss of weight and appetite, debilitating fatigue, mood swings, depression, intestinal bloating and discomfort. After testing was completed, it revealed holes in my intestines and an overworked liver. The treatment prescribed included a complete change of diet to exclude irritating foods such as wheat, oats, dairy, and sugar. Vitamins and mineral supplements including adrenal and detox supports aided in my recovery. The first few months were difficult. My body and systems were in an upheaval. Rest and patience were essential ingredients to the cure. As I incorporated the new diet into a schedule the treatment program started to have positive effects. As of February, I've gained weight. My blood cells have returned to their healthy, round shape, and my liver has been processing the toxins in my system. My mood swings and depression have lessened and I'm in charge of my well being with the return of my energy. I continue to monitor the foods I eat for sensitivity. I've incorporated walking, yoga, and meditation into my life style to alleviate the build up of stress from outside sources. I am grateful to you for your attention to detail, your caring and professional approach to my treatment.



I first saw Dr. Ferro in May with what I thought at the time was a thyroid problem. I had symptoms of extreme fatigue and muscle weakness as well as dizziness with very low blood pressures. My thinking was very foggy and I was not sleeping well and was having some gastrointestinal symptoms as well. It did not take him long after reviewing the extensive history form I had filled out and speaking with me to discern that in fact it was probably not my thyroid that was causing my problems but more than likely I was experiencing severe Functional Hypoadrenia. I appreciated his thoroughness in wanting to rule out other potential problems that could also contribute to my symptoms, such as parasites and toxic metals. The tests he ordered for me did in fact show I had a parasite, some toxic metal in my urine, and most certainly low functioning adrenal glands. Even the simple measures he started me on before getting my test results helped some of the symptoms almost immediately. Then after a few weeks of following his proposed regimen very carefully, my symptoms gradually diminished. Now a few months later after repeating some of the tests and some fine tuning with my treatment, I no longer experience the fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, and my blood pressures are back to normal. I sleep very well now and have a much improved energy level. I am so grateful to Dr. Ferro and for all he has taught me about the adrenal glands and many other important aspects of my health.

Thank you, Dr. Ferro.


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