Sleeping Testimonials

Hi Dr. Ferro!

I just wanted to write and tell you that since you upped my dose of progesterone, I have, for the first time in my life, been able to fall asleep quickly and wake up with no trouble. My whole life I've struggles with being able to wake in the morning! I would hit the snooze button 6, 7, 8 times and often be late places because of what seemed like an inability to wake up, which I would beat myself up about after I was finally fully awake! I'd get so upset that I couldn't "get it together!"

Thank you so much! I am so thankful for the blessing that you have been in mine and Ella's lives! We have seen such a dramatic change with her as well, (her old teachers see her now and even comment on her improvement!)

Thanking God for you!!



Dear Dr. Ferro

I am sleeping through the night and feel stronger than I have in years. Can't tell what the magic cure is since I am taking pills, etc.. for many things, but the change in me is right up there with making the blind see. Thank you!



Dear Dr. Ferro

I just wanted to thank you for your help during this past year. After wasting time with general practitioners and specialists, I was encouraged by my sister to visit your office to seek help for my constant fatigue and lack of ability to sleep a reasonable length of time. Using your medically "unorthodox" methods, you pinpointed every source of trouble on the first visit and began treatment immediately. Using a combination of diet restrictions and organic supplements, each problem was eliminated during the nest few months. Unlike regular medical doctors who are trained to treat symptoms, you go right to the problem source and worked on that. Your help has been greatly appreciated. With wishes for a health and happy holiday and new year.



Dear Dr. Ferro

I want to take this opportunity to say a big, belated THANK YOU for giving me back my old life!

As you recall, I came to you almost 2 years ago in a state of tearful near-collapse. For more than a year, I had been constantly exhausted, mentally foggy, and unable to rally even for events and activities that used to be fun for me. I slept 12-15 hours every day, never awoke refreshed, and almost literally could not stay awake during the day. For instance, I remember leaving in the middle of a 2 hour work meeting one afternoon, going to the first aid room, and sleeping for one hour on a hard plastic bench because I couldn't concentrate or retain information, and I found myself having to cover for missed deadlines and forgotten assignments. And forget about social life. At the time, I couldn't even imagine wanting to do anything but survive the day so I could get back to bed.

It's not that I wasn't trying to find answers for all that time. I bugged my doctors mercilessly, looking for reasons for my exhaustion and begging for blood tests. But every test came back normal. My gynecologist said I was simply in menopause. My endocrinologist asked if I wasn't maybe just depressed. I couldn't believe my ears. So when I wasn't sleeping or faking my way through work, I researched for myself on the internet and read books about possible "alternative" reasons and treatments. I pursued and self-treated for maladies ranging from copper poisoning to zinc deficiency and many more. I spent a fortune on supplements, hoping my latest self-diagnosis and remedy might be the cure. One by one these efforts failed, and I was left with another useless book and another useless batch of natural remedies.

I think I reached the end of my rope when my endocrinologist suggested that the only problem was my age; I was simply getting older and didn't have my old energy. He further explained that 80-90% of his patients came to him with the same complaint, and that he told them the same thing he was telling me. I was not 75-80, mind you, but a young 51. I had always been active and in shape. And just the week before, I had wet the bed because I was sleeping too soundly to wake up. That's when I kind of lost it. I started thinking mayhbe it was all me after all-- maybe I really was just a premature ager. I felt pitiful and hopeless and doomed.

As luck would have it, the next day I broke down in uncontrollable sobs and shared my story with a friend. As it turned out, she had a friend who recommended me to you, and that's when my world started to change.

I was immediately impressed when I received the 30 page questionnaire you faxed to me before our first appointment. I know then that you were thorough and interested. Then you spent an hour and a half with me during our first meeting and asked even more questions-- questions I'd never heard before, questions with answers that started making me realize how interconnected everything might be.

After a scad of blood, urine, and saliva tests--which luckily you helped me navigate because I was too tired to comprehend them on my own--you were able to diagnose all the myriad interconnected and treatable issues going on inside me. I can still remember sitting in your office, again for more than an hour, while you patiently explained everything to me in terms I could understand. It was daunting at first, a blur of words like anemia and herpes and Epstein Barre and adrenal fatigue. But you walked me carefully through every single test result and gave me a binder containing copies of each, a schedule of daily supplement regimen, detailed information on the supplements you recommended, and journal articles that applied to what was going on with me. To this day, that binder is with me at all times in my desk drawer.

I began dutifully taking the supplements you provided according to the daily schedule you gave me, and as you promised, began to get better within a few weeks. My brain fog cleared, and my internal clock got back on track. Once again I was able to focus on and excel at my job. Plus I found the get-up-and-go to join Weight Watchers and lose the 30 pounds I gained while sleeping my life away. Then I went back to the gym, where I started rebuilding my muscles and stamina. Now I return to you for checkups, and you continue to recommend thorough tests to make sure I'm still on track. Going above and beyond, you even recommended to my gynecologist that he put me on testosterone-- and he did, though he had never thought to test my hormone levels himself.

Today, I am back to my old self, 53 years young with plenty of energy and enthusiasm to last another 30-40 years. Dr. Ferro, I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me. You truly have given my life back, and I'll be forever grateful to you. Please ket me know if there's anything I can ever do to repay your kindness.

With gratitude and best wishes,


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