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Hello Dr. Ferro,

Again I would like to thank you for discovering years ago, when hearing my condition, diagnosing, and testing for Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Since 2018 when the results came back showing that I had Celiac's, and leaky gut I would like to share what has happened since cutting out gluten from my life.

-For years I had bad acne and didn't know where it was coming from. It would spark up often and I could never figure out a pattern. After cutting out gluten I no longer have acne, or cystic acne, like I did when I was eating gluten. My skin has cleared up dramatically.

-My digestion has improved greatly from cutting out gluten, and I don't get tired like I used to after having gluten, and can eat in greater proportions. My bowels, and stomach function better than before.

-Even being on dialysis, cutting out gluten has still helped increase my energy not having any brain fog after eating, joint pain, or sluggishness. I used to have my joints and body parts click, but that no longer really happens after I cut out gluten. I don't feel drained of energy after having food.

Just thought I would share my thoughts, and things that have improved my life from cutting out gluten.

Thank you,



During my senior year of high school, I began to develop severe cystic acne and facial redness. After seeing a variety of dermatologists, I was prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics, facial creams, and laser treatments. Not only did my facial acne worsen, over the course of two additional years, I began to develop other health symptoms: Chronic infections, tooth enamel decay, fatigue, irritability, depression, intestinal inflammation, hair thinning, among many others. After visiting a total of 7 different medical doctors, not one was able to help me. 
Miraculously, a friend of mine mentioned Dr. Ferro and his practice. Truthfully, my life changed after seeing him. For the first time, I actually felt like someone cared about my situation, and was willing to fully investigate it until my health related issues were resolved. Dr. Ferro was my answer to many years of prayer. Through a variety of labs and tests, Dr. Ferro discovered I had intestinal inflammation, gut dysbiosis, multiple micronutrient deficiencies, severe intolerances/sensitivities to many foods (including gluten, dairy, and eggs), imbalances in methylation, among others. Today, my health is easily 90% better. 
Influenced by Dr. Ferro and his faithful work, I am pursuing a route in functional medicine. My goal is simply to help and educate others in their search for health related answers, exactly like Dr. Ferro does. 
Through the grace of God, Dr. Ferro has completely changed my life for the better, and I know he will change yours too. 
Stephen M


When I first came to Dr. Ferro I was suffering from severe pain, insomnia, fatigue, lack of appetite (but gaining weight) and general exhaustion. Within a month I was 90% better! By eliminating just a few foods from my diet, taking two supplements, and Dr. Ferro's healing touch I am a new person. I feel truly blessed to have my health and vitality back! I had been to many doctors and specialists to no avail;  after my first visit with Dr. Ferro I know I was going to be healed. I an so grateful to Dr. Ferro and his staff for their compassion, knowledge, and care. Dr. Ferro led me down the path to a better quality of life and future. The Lord answered my prayers and healed my pain when he led me to Advanced Health Solutions!

Praise Be!



Dr Ferro saved me from bleeding to death!

I had been to the emergency room four times in six months suffering from internal bleeding. One such visit I was close to bleeding out. The hospitals and doctors were very competent. Many tests were run, but I received no answers as to the cause of my issues, nor a path forward to find and remediate the problem.

A good friend of ours recommend that I see a doctor who had helped her some twenty years prior. His name, of course, was Dr. Ferro. We (my wife and I) immediately sought an appointment with the good Doctor. That is when my life started to turn around. Dr. Ferro educated us in details of blood chemistry that we had not heard of before our first session. A battery of tests was ordered and when the results came back, Dr. Ferro put me on a path to healing my intestinal tract. Certain foods were eliminated from my diet such as Eggs and dairy. He put me on a regimen of supplements designed to remove harmful bacteria and to settle my intestines.

Today, some months after my first visit, we had a review of my blood and stool sample tests. I am in better shape than I have been in years. I no longer fear the possibility of bleeding out without warning. What a relief.

If your gut is a problem and you are not getting the right answers from the medical establishment, see Dr. Ferro as soon as you can.



I have always struggled with excessive fatigue, stomach issues and a few bouts with depression over my 28 years of life. Over the past five years I have eliminated gluten from my diet and have seen drastic differences in not only my physical health-- in particular relation to digestion, but also my mental well-being and energy level. I have since then not needed any medication for depression. I truly see a difference and while I cannot say my diet has been the sole contributor to my overall well-being, I definitely believe is has been a great impact on how I feel on a daily basis. And quite honestly if Dr. Ferro had not given me the "food for thought", I might still be the same as I was years ago. Not a happy or comfortable way to live, to say the very least. 

A Grateful Patient


In May 2007, my three year old daughter tested negative for Lyme's disease but was given antibiotics "just in case". She had been struggling for at least 6 months with dizziness, fatigue, stomach aches, headaches, and muscle aches, we could not find the source. After the recommended length of treatment she was still not feeling better. I asked my family doctor what to do next. They recommended a pediatric neurologist  who, in turn, recommended a spinal tap as her next form of evaluation. My daughter has already been through so much testing, and the MRI really put both of us over the top. I gave it a few months to see if her symptoms improved. They did not. I really wanted the spinal tap to be the last resort. I could not imagine such a little thing having to go through that. I began giving her probiotics on my own and "cat's claw", a natural herb that is supposed to help with symptoms of Lyme's Disease. Nothing seemed to help. In November 2007, we changed insurance plans and no one would pick Lauren up because of her history. In April of 2008 we finally were accepted into a state funded insurance plan for her. So in those months we just took a "break" from tests. However, her symptoms did not improve. I had wanted to try something "natural" before I scheduled the spinal tap. A friend recommended Dr. Ferro in the spring, he recommended some blood work and stool sample testing. We reviewed tests and it was amazing what we found! She was still struggling with tick bite issues that were never completely addressed. She had a virus, she was gluten intolerant, her iron levels were high, her magnesium levels were low. His comment to us  was, "no wonder she is not feeling well, but I think I can help". What a rush of reassurance that was. We needed help. Dr. Ferro recommended removing gluten from her diet, watching her iron intake, increasing her magnesium intake, and some other natural medicines to put in her diet. He said by the end of the summer she should be feeling better. We noticed an almost immediate difference in my daughter! She had her energy back, her muscle aches were almost nonexistent, her headaches were gone, her stomach aches were gone, her dizziness level was gone! And NO SPINAL TAP!! We are still taking medicine to get her levels back to a more normal reading, but they have improved tremendously. I have recommended Dr. Ferro to friends. I am so glad I made the phone call to him. My now five year old in October 2008 is feeling much better. Praise God!



Before starting this program, I was have a lot of GI problems: bloated, constipated. I didn't realize that food could effect the way I felt. Now most of my GI problems are gone. I'm not continually bloated and I'm "more regular". I've also noticed that sugar/caffeine/white flour/fats make me feel very sluggish and foggy after I eat them. It's great to notice a difference after eating this stuff because it shows how energetic I usually feel now.



I was diagnosed as having dairy allergies at an early age. I was given shots weekly but stopped at around adolescence. My doctor said I might our grow them. So I age whatever I wanted and became weaker and suffered many cold. Due to other stresses, two marriages that ended, etc. I realized that I was reaching for coffee and cookies as my mainstay. A friend mentioned Dr. Ferro and I saved up my money to come. This is the best thing I have ever done. After only two month, I have lots of energy. I don't sneeze ten times at a time. My PMS is virtually gone. I breathe so much better (which was the first thing I noticed) and I feel wonderful. I was diagnosed with candida and now, thank God, Dr. Ferro said it is gone. I'm continuing to eat better and better every day and I bought the Yeast Correction Cookbook which has wonderful, healthy recipes. I've told my friends how helpful Dr. Ferro has been to me. I pray they find relief soon and stop damaging their bodies by ignoring the problem. It's never to late to have a quality life!



Dear Dr. Ferro,

I just wanted to thank you for all your help with Timmy. As you know, when we first came to see you, Timmy had many, many allergy problems and difficulty with breathing and a severe cough. Through our work with you, we have been able to put Timmy back on the road to a healthy life. The diet and supplement regime was not easy, but it was well worth the effort to have Timmy recover from many of his allergic reactions and to be in much better health. Even though he is in school, he doesn't get all of the colds and sicknesses that many of the children do. When he does have a cold, his recovery process is much quicker than previously. We want to thank you again for all your help and guidance with Timmy.




After I came back from a missions trip to Panama I was very sick with an upset stomach, light headedness and dizziness, accompanied by chronic fatigue. We visited many doctors who were unable to diagnose my symptoms. I had blood taken numerous times, I had an MRI, as well as an open endoscopy. No one could find or diagnose my symptoms. We heard about Dr. Ferro through some friends and came here as a last resort. After one visit I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion and we discovered that I had parasites from my missions trip. It had completely depleted my immune system because I was sensitive to several foods that we were unaware of. I was treated with several natural medicines, and I was introduced to a new diet to build my immune system back up. After treatment, the parasites were gone and I felt 100% better. God has worked in many miraculous ways and I am so thankful for Dr. Ferro's faith.


Hi Dr. Ferro,

I had suffered with awful headaches and migraines my whole life. And I thought I had tried everything! I didn't have an unhealthy diet, and I exercised every now and then, but I was not on top my my game anymore. The two most obvious indicators for me were brain fog and a less than enthusiastic zest for life.

This feeling was affecting my work performance, and my general attitude, and I didn't like it!

I met with Dr. Anthony and we brainstormed all possible reasons, considered tests that could be done and identified which would be most sensible, generate the most results, and fit my budget. After receiving the results of some blood work and extensive food sensitivity testing, I have changed my diet and started taking some dietary supplements. I eliminated everything on the sensitivity list, including sugar, wheat, and dairy- it's been 5 months now. And I started exercising more regularly.

My energy levels are higher, haven't had a headache or migraine in 5 months, my thinking is clearer, and my metabolism must have corrected itself too because I lost 15 pounds!

If you feel like you're in the same place I was, Dr. Anthony will work with you in steps and stages that work for you, to figure this out. I highly recommend a consult!


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