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What is Chiropractic Medicine? 

Chiropractic medicine is healthcare that aims to correct muscular and skeletal imbalances in the body. Surprisingly, a few bones out of place can really cause a great deal of pain and can even affect organs in your body like your intestines, lungs, and brain. Dr.s Anthony and Patti Ferro earned their degrees in chiropractic from Life University in Georgia and are also certified in kinesiology and physical therapy. (Dr. Anthony Ferro wanted to become a chiropractor after his sister's asthma was cured by a few adjustments from a chiropractor during their childhood).  The doctors believe in a scientific and data-based approach to healing, and perform range of motion tests, biomechanical evaluations, spinal ultrasounds, muscle stimulations, cox flexion-distraction, and a vast array of chiropractic techniques to help patients heal from even the worst of injuries. Dr.s Anthony and Patti have helped patients with neck and back injuries, headaches and numbness, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, and more. We're sure they can help you and would love to meet you to learn more about you. Here's to your health!

Why We Offer Massage

It's probably no surprise that, since muscles and tendons are connected to bones, they are both affected by and can themselves affect the way our bones and joints fit together. Sometimes, even the best chiropractic adjustment can be "pulled" back out of place by muscles that have grown stronger in order to compensate for skeletal weaknesses. This is where massage comes in. For those people who've lived with injuries or misalignments for a long time, or for whom alignments don't tend to "stick" for more than a few days, massage can help reposition musculature, break up scar tissue, or relax muscles that may have tightened during an injury. Our veteran massage therapist, Angel Martinez, is trained in several different types of massage, but is perhaps best known for his prowess in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapies. Angel is highly sought after by area athletes and personal trainers for his ability to break up scar tissue caused by muscle injury and get people back on their feet quickly. Whether you're just looking to relax or heal some injuries fast, Angel is the best person in the area to meet your needs.

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